Welcome to Organic Food Home Delivery: NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and LI

organic delivery

Welcome to Rustic Roots Delivery!

Long Island and NYC Local Organic Food Delivery. We Deliver Local Organic Food right to your Door.

What we do is simple. We bring clean, healthy food from small, organic/local farms in the Northeast directly to you.

We go to our local farms several times each week to pick and select the tastiest food that’s in-season and deliver it right to your door.

The farmers we work with are deeply connected with their land and nurture their fields with everything they have. We are forever grateful for the invaluable work they do. We are confident we’re delivering the most sustainable product.

Not to mention, it’s the tastiest food packed with nutrition and we bring you tons of different varieties of crops throughout the season.

Our farmers use the most sustainable farming practices nurturing the land, animals, and crops, keeping the earth and us healthy. We’re connecting you with your local farmers, take a closer look at who they are- Our Partners.

Our philosophy is to know where your food comes from and know how it was raised.

Please note there is a $50 minimum order. We deliver to Suffolk and Nassau County, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.