Living Organic Lentils 12oz Tray

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Living Organic Lentils 12oz Tray

12oz Tray of Living Lentils grown by Don's Finest Living Foods. An Urban Farm located in Huntington Station.

Sprouted Lentils are packed with concentrated nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes. Because the seeds were activated, all of the energy that was stored is now active within them. Great source of vegan protein. Healthiest when eaten raw, they are great to add to a salad or sandwich or made into a spread. They can be added to soup once removed from the heat and the chickpeas make for a delicious & enzyme-rich hummus. They are also great for making falafels or roasting but some nutrients will be lost in the heating process. Add to anything else you are eating for a nutrient boost!

Vegan. Non-GMO.