Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the CSA Basket?

We send out a weekly email every Thursday with the lineup for the upcoming week. Please subscribe to our email at the bottom of our home page to be included on the weekly lineup emails so you know what to expect in your basket. Please make sure to add emer@rusticrootsdelivery.com to your email address book to ensure you receive our updates. 

What are RRD’s Delivery Areas?

Jeff, Emer & the RRD Team personally deliver From the Farm to your Home, Apartment Building or Work Place. Our delivery area ranges from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, all of Long Island & some surrounding areas. 

What day will my Delivery come?

As long as you order by our Saturday Midnight Deadline, the Rustic Roots Team will deliver your order that same Tuesday through Thursday. You will receive an email every Monday with your delivery details. Delivery days are every Tuesday & Wednesday in general. Please add emer@rusticrootsdelivery.com to your email address book to ensure our email lands in your inbox. 

How does delivery work?

Orders can be placed up until Saturday at midnight on our website. Your delivery time and day will be sent to your email every Monday. After each delivery we will email a complete list of what was in your basket along with RRD's delicious recipes.

What is a Cooler fee?

A one time Cooler fee will be added to the $58 CSA Baskets only. This fee will only be applied once for the lifetime of a delivery address as long as you keep one cooler in your possession. All Coolers are to be left out each time RRD prompts you to leave it out : )

What is an Insulated Bag Fee?

A one time Insulated Bag fee is added to Meat, Fish, Milk, Cheese & Egg Orders. This fee will only be applied once for the lifetime of this delivery address as long as you keep one Bag in your possession. All Bags are to be left out each time RRD prompts you to leave it out : )

How will my order be packaged?

All items will be delivered in cardboard boxes. Exceptions are as follows; $58/$55 CSA Baskets or subscriptions will be packaged in a Cooler for which you will pay a one time non refundable $22 fee. Meat, Fish, milk, Cheese & Eggs will be packaged into Insulated Bags for which you will be a one time $3 fee. We advise unpacking your goodies and storing your food appropriately as soon as possible. 

All orders arrive at optimal freshness in either RRD coolers (if you order the $58 CSA Baskets) or cardboard boxes for all other items at your doorstep. If you won’t be home for your delivery you must make a special note in the special instructions section at checkout to let us know and where to leave your goodies. There is a one-time $22 non-refundable fee for the use of our coolers & a $3 fee for our insulated bags. You will be charged this amount upon your first purchase. All equipment is property of RRD and must be left out when we return with your next delivery or come for pick-up. Our equipment is very valuable, and crucial to the sustainability of our business so we please ask you take good care of it and always leave out for us to pick up when we come to your home.

Bad weather or other unforeseeable traffic emergencies may force us to postpone or suspend chosen delivery dates and times. If there is a significant delay, we will call or e-mail to update you on your delivery status.

I live in an apartment building, how can I get my delivery if I won’t be home?

You must have a 24 hour doorman building or 24hr private vestibule to receive delivery. If you don't have either of these please provide us with a key before delivery, or provide us with an access code to gain entry upon delivery. If you have none of these just email us emer@rusticrootsdelivery.com and we'll figure out a safe place to leave your goodies on delivery. 

What if I have an Electric Gate Entry to my property?

If you have a gate to your property you must either make sure we have the number to open the gate or that someone is available immediately to open the gate for us.

I won’t be home to receive my delivery, how does this work?

If you know you won’t be home you must leave a note in the special instructions section to say you won’t be home and that you need a cooler at checkout. Call or email us if you have any questions. For those on a busy schedule or ordering for your vacation home we drop your order right at your doorstep ready for your arrival. We advise unpacking your goodies and storing your food appropriately.

All NYC, Brooklyn, Queens orders must have a doorman or provide access code to enter building. 

How much is your delivery fee?

Delivery charges are a must to cover the high cost of fuel, our time and vehicle maintenance. We do a lot of driving behind the scenes to get you your delicious goodies. Our flat rate per delivery is $10.

How long will my order stay fresh in your delivery coolers?

Refrigerated perishables and frozen meats with cooler packs will stay fresh in the delivery coolers up to four hours after delivery. However, we strongly advise storing items as soon as possible.

What do I do with RRD's equipment- Coolers, Insulated Bags and Freezer Packs?

After emptying your cooler and insulated bags please store in a clean, dry place. Have equipment ready the night before your next delivery. If you don't order again all equipment must be returned to RRD. RRD will notify you of pick-up day and will come to collect.

Insulated Bags

Our insulated bags are re-usable and will need to be collected after your use. They will be sanitized and reused for future orders.

From the Farm to Your Door:

Please remember that we are working with small, local, and sustainable farms. Not everything goes as smoothly as planned. Items vary according to the season and are subject to supply. For example, Farmers give us a list of what they will have for us a week in advance and we then plan to deliver those items to you. There are times when we get to the farm and some items will no longer be available. That's when we have to make substitutions. We do our best to make adjustments when this happen. All orders depend upon availability and we reserve the right to substitute produce/cuts of meat of equal value if your request is not available.