Organic Turmeric Saurkraut

Organic Turmeric Saurkraut

Organic Turmeric Feurekraut from Hawthorne Valley Farms.

Turmeric Feuerkraut is our new name for the Curry – similar recipe, new label.

Feuer is the German word for Fire, just like Sauer is the German word for Sour.

The defining flavors in both the Turmeric and Jalapeno krauts is their spiciness, so we renamed them Feuerkrauts rather than Sauerkrauts. 

Ingredients:organic cabbage, organic jalapenos, organic fresh turmeric root, organic cumin seeds, sea salt

One of the most interesting flavored sauerkrauts, pairing excellently with grilled meats, in particular, artisan sausage. A great sprinkling topping for many salads too!


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