Hemlock Hill Farm Porterhouse Steak 1.4lb $21.99/lb

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Hemlock Hill Farm Porterhouse Steak 1.4lb $21.99/lb

We hope your hungry for this beefed up T-bone. Attached to the bone are two of the most prized cuts of beef, the juicy strip sirloin and the filet mignon, together as one steak. The cut on a porterhouse is thicker than the t-bone and has a bigger piece of filet. Nice marbling which brings out the flavor and makes it juicy and tender. Truly a classic! Hemlock Hill Cows are raised on pasture their entire lives eating a diet of 90% grass & 10% Brewer's Grain (Rye, Barley, Wheat). Cows are Hormone, Steroid & Antibiotic Free.


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