Wild Sockeye Salmon Burger Meat 1.1lb

Wild Sockeye Salmon Burger Meat 1.1lb

Wild Sockeye Salmon Burger Meat is extremely versatile and can be used as a healthy meat alternative in a variety of dishes. Use it as you would ground beef and/or ground turkey. Toss it in salads or incorporate it into risotto or pasta, scrambled eggs or omelets and even fried rice. For lighter main dish options, try it in a favorite recipes such as meatballs, tacos,  sloppy joes, salmon salad sandwiches and a whole lot more

100% wild ground salmon burger meat is made from salmon fillets and does not contain any bones or skin.

Salmon Patties- Recipe Suggestion right from the Fisherman

1 lb. Wild salmon meat (skinless & boneless)

1 Medium red onion, chopped

4-6 Stalks of celery, chopped

6-8 Saltine Crackers or Ritz crackers or large handful of panko bread crumbs

¼ c parsley, chopped

¼ c cilantro, chopped

1-2 Eggs (as a binding agent)

3 Tbsp. of Wild Rub

Salt & Pepper, to taste

Extra virgin olive oil – for cooking only


Preheat olive oil in a pan on medium-high.

In a large bowl mix all ingredients together, then make into patties

Cook patties on both sides until golden brown.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce, as a sandwich or over a bed of greens and drizzle with balsamic vinegar