Fully Pastured Turkey 14-16lb Feeds 7-9

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Fully Pastured Turkey 14-16lb Feeds 7-9

Growers at Oink & Gobble have been hard at work growing truly pastured raised birds naturally without antibiotics or hormones. 

Turkeys have complete access to roam, scratch and feed on lush open pastures that the birds thrive on! The fields are dotted with large movable pens which are rotated regularly over fresh pasture. Each pen is a couple thousand square feet and large enough that the birds have plenty of room to forage in fenced areas about half the size of a football field. Inside the pens are covered aluminum frame structures for shelter. These structures are moved along with the pens every couple of days, providing the birds shelter from inclement weather or the hot sun. 

Along with their natural foraging, the turkeys are fed a natural local feed that includes non-GMO corn and non-GMO roasted soybeans.

Fully Pasture Raised. No Hormones. No Antibiotics. All Vegetarian Feed. Fresh. Completely Cleaned. 

Locally Pasture Raised in Interlaken, NY

Pre Order as Early as you can. Order Deadline 10-25 and until stocks last. Very Limited Availability. When they are gone they are gone. 

For Delivery Week of 11-22.

* Cooking instructions provided by RRD *

During these challenging times there is a high demand for local pastured meats. We have an abnormally strict and early deadline this year due to increased and high demands. We've secured a certain amount of turkeys with the farm, when they're gone they're gone. We don't want anyone to miss out. Please order as early as you can. We are expecting smaller holiday gatherings and a higher demand for smaller birds this year!