Rustic Roots Delivery was imagined and brought to life by Founders Jeff & Emer over an introspective campfire talk about life, work and goals for the future. Emer & Jeff always strived to have a career in which they could work together, provide a healthy living for their young family and most importantly do something they could be proud of when its time to hang it up.


Our Goal is bring Organic and Sustainably Grown products to anyone who has the want and need. With so many amazing farms that are doing their best each day to produce honest, healthy and responsibly grown products, we are driven to do our part by bridging the gap between them and you. At RRD we will do the leg work, sort out the logistics and be able to offer you an assortment of amazing goodies for you and your family to eat healthy and responsibly.


Born and raised in Waterford, Ireland I was introduced to great food by my Dad. It wasn't unusual to find a freshly caught pheasant, feathers and all, on the kitchen counter as dinner. A warm summer day was enjoyed at the beach picking & preparing periwinkles for the grill. Summertime in Ireland was all about the Fresh Strawberries that came along with a short lived heat spell. 

Many years later I set off across the Atlantic & set myself up in Montauk, NY where I met my Husband Jeff. Our journey later took us to Manhattan. Well sourced food was a priority for us even way back then in our younger years. We would hikes ourselves all around Manhattan twice a week, snow, rain, whatever, breaking a deep sweat to find the best food and fill our duffle bags to cook for the upcoming days. Good, healthy food was very important to us. 

Our personal search for better food, crossed paths with the Farm to Door concept. We were so interested in finding an easier way for people to get great food we jumped in with everything we had and started Rustic Roots Delivery in 2011 for all of you who might have the need. 

Jeff & I are as motivated now as were were then in 2011 to get our customers great, healthy food. We hope to serve you one day soon. 


I'm Jeff and I've reached the proverbial tipping point in my life(crossroads), where, after much self-reflection of my current situation, I've come to the point where my values of health, family, and quality time in the outdoors outweighs my current lifestyle. The current long nights running a bar in NYC where I don't have time to spend with my wife, family, and doing things I love, has caused me to reanalyze what really is important to me and what makes me happy now and where I want my life to be in the future.

Getting back to what I'm about and where I'm happiest, and getting the passion back in my life has caused me to choose this new path. The excitement of starting a new business I believe in, working side by side with my wife, and need for new challenges, experiences and encounters has led me to make the decision to leave my current job for the hope of something more fulfilling into the future.

This new venture where we can enjoy the outdoors, provide a great service that enriches peoples lives, one that we can fully stand behind, and doing something that makes a difference in my own life and the life of others around me is the background behind the creation of Rustic Roots. Connecting the best farms with individuals, families, and businesses by selling the best, local, organic foods, reenergizes my adventurous soul and gives me the hope of a fresh start and new chapter.

"The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun."
— Chris McCandless

 Slowly but surely we are getting back to our Roots!